When a Liar Tells the Truth (feat. Emily Peal)

from by Tanner Willow



You used to read your dreams to me
you'd paint them so they'd seem to be
the truth
so unlike you
it was what i saw through
you'd make sure
I'd infer
I'm one you wouldn't lie to
but I knew

Last night I dreamt you were the head of a waterfall
and your intent in that form was to warn of wash us all
and all the animals and I listened up
and you spoke to the people but
they wouldn't listen
and I knew they'd soon drown
you were then alive building me a boat
it was the one I had always hoped
you'd take me on someday
to battle through the waves
that I knew
we we're coming too close to
and I'd watch you eat
I'd watch you sleep
I'd watch you be yourself
till I could not see
the beginning of you-
-the end of me
I felt peace
I felt free


from Thrall / Bound, released May 1, 2016