This is Saying Something

by Tanner Willow

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Knee Deep in Rutgers Creek was written in late 2007. In Response was written in early 2009. After a Great Deal of Thought was written in early 2011. All are about the same relationship in a slightly fictitious way.


released October 3, 2011



Track Name: Knee Deep in Rutgers Creek
If the silence means something --and I think it always does-- then why are we acting like what ain't there is there?
If the silence is devastating --and I've always thought it was-- then why are we unaware of what to fear?

Home is always warm when you first get indoors but by the night time it feels so cold inside.

The silence means something and I think it always will.
Track Name: In Response
I got your letters; Those waiting attempts of reaching me.
I read the sender. I keep it closed in hopes to avoid agony.

They say "persistency is key" well they haven't met me and if they did they would see you were better off not wasting your time filling up those pale blue lines for somebody who has walked off.

They're on desks, in drawers and dresser in my room.
Pretty soon I'll be leaving there too and what will there be left to do when your un-answered questions answer you?
Track Name: After a Great Deal of Thought
Where were you when you last saw me?
How old were you and what did you think?
We were so sure that you'd have me and I wonder now how my absence must make you feel.

And it seeps into me and we share that same feeling.

And I'm not proud "How?" but I am proud "Why?"; it's a different thing about "you and I" not just "me, and how I act"
It is "us, and what we lack"

And I know it's sad but I just had to make a decision and so I made one.
I couldn't let your pain just go on.
Please show me if I was wrong!
I'll gladly fix what I've done
but if not, let's just move on
and accept what's "gone" as gone.